Year 1 (2021-22)

Welcome to Year 1!

I hope you all had a great summer and you have come back to school all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready and raring to learn.

We are going to be learning lots of exciting new things this year including Spanish.

Our books to support reading and writing in English lessons are also brand new and exciting ones. We will be looking at a book called Major Glad, Major Dizzy, all about old toys as well as a new version of Rapunzel this term.

In Maths, we will focus on number and place value as well as shape. We will learn how to answer a quick maths quiz by practising daily with a game called Daily 10, moving from untimed to timed responses!

In History and Geography, old toys, weather and seasons will feature.

In Science we will look initially at Seasonal Change and then revisit it throughout the year as the year and seasons move on, focusing on materials for the remainder of the term.

In class, I have a fabulous 5 set of books which we will read and reread and get to know REALLY well. We will share a story every day and have fun learning new reading skills together.

We are also learning to be Ready, Respectful, Safe in all that we do, in class and across school, to make Bollinbrook a place where people want to be.

Meet Your Teachers
Rachel Brotherhood

Art Lead

Weekly Reminders

Our PE days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please come to school in your kit on those days. If it is warm, bring a hat, if it is cold you can wear joggers to stay warmer. Just a reminder that long hair needs to be tied back for PE.

Homework will come out Friday to be completed for the following Thursday. The most important homework will be to establish a consistent reading routine, with additional activities in phonics, maths and handwriting as appropriate. Homework will come out to you on Teams.

News from Year 1

Here you will find a number of download we think may be useful.

Here you will find a number of handwriting downloads we think may be useful.

Here you will find a number of links to websites we think you might find useful.