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In September 2023, We moved from a 7 class to a 5 class structure with mixed classes. The team have worked exceptionally hard to update the curriculum for this academic year.

How do Mixed Classes Work at Bollinbrook CE Primary School?

At Bollinbrook, our teachers tailor the learning for each cohort. National Curriculum content for children from both years within the key stage has been carefully considered to ensure that the progression of skills is clear.




Our teachers spend a considerable amount of time revisiting and amending our programmes of study to ensure the National Curriculum for both years is soundly embedded and mirrors the needs and interests of our children. We aim to provide challenge and success for all our pupils. Assessment for Learning is vital to ensure that the children are progressing well, and gaps are not missed. This may mean that some weeks change slightly to support the children’s learning. An effective Curriculum should always ensure flexibility and room for change that reflects the children’s needs whilst encouraging high standards and excellent progress.

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