Anti-Bullying (KiVa)

Bollinbrook is a KiVa School!

Kiva is an evidence-based program to prevent and reduce bullying.
It’s aims are:

  • To reduce bullying
  • To prevent new bullying incidents from occurring
  • To minimize the negative effects caused by bullying

It was developed at the University of Turku, Finland with funding from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, implemented by Bangor University, North Wales and is a common programme in many Congleton and Crew Primary Schools.

Our school staff has received a vast selection of KiVa material in addition to training for the program implementation. It is important that all the students understand that they can make a difference!

“Let’s stop bullying together!”

This is the key idea behind the KiVa program.


The KiVa team…

  • Each school implementing the program has a KiVa team which tackles acute bullying cases
  • Consists of 3 adults from among the school personnel- Miss Le Marinel, Mrs Chadwick and Miss Nikki.

A copy of our Updated Anti-Bullying Policy and our Bullying Screening Form can be downloaded from the Policies section of our website.