Welcome to EYFS (Reception) at Bollinbrook, and we are glad that you have chosen Bollinbrook for your child’s learning journey with us.

Year 1

We will be doing lots of exciting things in a physical, auditory and visual way, developing our reading, writing and maths skills with the help of some fun and catchy songs.

Year 2

I am very excited to have everybody back in school and I am looking forward to our year together. We will be working hard but having lots fun too.

Year 3

We are very excited to have everybody back in school at last. This term our history topic is ‘Changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age’ so we will be looking at cave art and hunter gatherer kits as well as historical sites such as Skara Brae and Stonehenge.

Year 4

There are many things to look forward to in Year 4 this year.

As well as English, Maths and other usual subjects, we have some interesting topics such as Rivers, The Romans, The Anglo Saxons and much more.

Year 5

I’m really looking forward to an exciting year with lots of creative aspects and using technology in different ways to display all your amazing knowledge. The i-pads and the laptops get a thorough workout in Year 5!

Year 6

A year filled with thrilling opportunities, tons of hard work and memorable times together as a class.

This year we will be delving into fascinating topics such as World War II from the perspective of Anne Frank, the Mayans and ‘Home’ – where is home? Is it a place or a feeling?