Our Curriculum

Overview of Our Curriculum

As a church school, Bollinbrook CofE Primary is rooted in the gospel of Jesus. Our mission is to educate the whole child to grow academically, emotionally and spiritually so that they leave confident in who they are and ready to make a difference in modern society. Our Vision for our children at Bollinbrook is based on 3 key pieces of scripture which run through our curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Our curriculum roots document clearly outlines our intent, implementation and impact and how our Christian values underpin our belief that all children should be given opportunities to enrich their lives through a broad and diverse range of exciting experiences.

Our Curriculum Documents Explained

Our ‘Curriculum Roots’ document explains our curriculum rationale.

Following our ‘Curriculum Roots’ document, we have our ‘Subject Roots’.

These outline our intent for each subject which are based on our scripture “A tree firmly planted by streams of water which yields fruit in every season…” Psalm 1v3

Our curriculum intent is designed so our children can lay down firm roots. We want our children to be rooted in Jesus and his Christian values. They will develop strong roots in each subject throughout the curriculum.

Next, we have our ‘Subject Progression’ documents. These demonstrate our curriculum growth and how each subject is implemented. This aspect of our curriculum is centred around the scripture; ‘And the child grew and was strong in spirit.’ Luke 2v40

If rooted in Christ, children can grow into who they were created to be. Through the implementation of our curriculum, our children will acquire the knowledge and skills to help them grow.

Alongside these are the yearly overviews outlining what is being taught in each year group each term.

We will know our curriculum is having an impact as most children who leave our school will be READY:

Resilient Learners – able to challenge themselves

Empathetic – compassionate and support the needs of one another showing our Christian values

Aware – Express their ideas and thoughts clearly. Being self-aware, having self-respect and developing their self-esteem.

Determined – They will have a fixed intent to overcome obstacles, using their resilience and being motivated.

Yourself – Our children will learn to accept their mistakes and grow from them. We want our children to be happy in who God created them to be.

As our children reach the end of their primary journey, we want them to Go and bear fruit – fruit that will last’ John 15v16 so that our children will go into the world sharing our Christian values and the foundational knowledge and skills that they have learnt during their time at Bollinbrook