Curriculum Overview

'And the child grew and was strong in spirit…’
Love, Learn and Grow.
Curriculum Overview

We are developing a curriculum based on a knowledge-engaged approach which will help our children to be ‘READY’ to take their place in modern society. Children will be taught through cross-curricular teaching to make the curriculum relevant and meaningful to them and for putting knowledge into context. Humanities will be our key drivers with Art, Computing and Design Technology enriching the children’s learning opportunities. Core subjects will be taught discreetly as will Music, PE and MFL which are delivered by subject specialists. As a church school, RE is treated as a core subject and taught separately. Our Christian Values along with Global Learning and Personal and Social development are threaded through each topic / theme and underpin our teaching.

Curriculum Intent

Our Christian Ethos is at the heart of all we do. Based on Psalm 1v3like a tree firmly planted by streams of water which yields its fruit..’ We are helping our children grow spiritually, emotionally and academically laying firm roots that will provide strong foundations to help them on the next stage of their educational journey. Our global learning thread  promotes ‘Courageous Advocacy’ ; giving our children a voice and how they can bring change in their local, national and global communities. Our aim is for our curriculum design and curriculum approach to be aligned to our specific local context and our pupils’ particular needs. They will leave Bollinbrook CE Primary ‘READY’ to take their place in modern society.


We have a bespoke curriculum that is rooted in our Christian Values and takes into account our school context. Subjects are taught through a knowledge engaged approach balancing the knowledge and skills that make our curriculum relevant to our children by putting knowledge into a context. As part of the curriculum we focus on mastery learning – learning that sticks and can be recalled. We provide even greater challenge to deepen children’s thinking further.

We are developing the use of knowledge organisers which allow children to gain specific knowledge in each curriculum subject that builds up over time. This strengthens learning and makes it more durable and transferable.

Through curriculum enrichment, we offer all our children an entitlement of opportunities that are bespoke to our school and the community that our children are a part of. This is an important part of our curriculum.


We will constantly review and develop our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the learners in our schools. Curriculum will be measured through assessment opportunities interwoven through each subjects to identify the knowledge and skills deficit that children may have.

We will know our curriculum is working as most children who leave our school will be READY:

Resilient Learners – able to challenge themselves

Empathetic – compassionate and support the needs of one another showing our values of respect, patience and kindness

Aware– Express their ideas and thoughts clearly. Being self-aware, having self-respect and developing their self-esteem.

Determined – They will have a fixed intent to overcome obstacles, using their resilience and being motivated.

Yourself – Our children will learn to accept their mistakes and grow from them.

Cultural Capital

Our Christian ethos ‘Love, Learn and Grow’ at Bollinbrook CE underpins our belief that all children should be given opportunities to enrich their lives through a broad and diverse range of exciting experiences. As a school we ensure that such experiences are available to ALL children. Where possible, Pupil Premium money is used to provide free or subsidised trips for all pupils. We want to give all our children the chance to become educated citizens and to succeed in life.

Whole School and Year group Curriculum Maps

The whole school overview shows the key drivers and themes for each term / half term.

The year group overview gives you more detail about the knowledge and skills taught across your childs year group for History, Geography,  Art, Design Technology, Computing and PSHE through a topic / theme. It also includes other aspects of the wider curriculum.

Curriculum overviews for Maths, English, Science, RE, Music, PE and French can be found on the subject pages and your childs class pages.