Holiday Dates

Date of Closing
Date of Re-Opening
Summer 2020

(In-service Training Tues 1st & Weds 2nd September)

Fri 17th July

Thurs 3rd Sept

Autumn Half Term 2020

Fri 23rd Oct

Mon 2nd Nov

Christmas 2020 / 21

Fri 18th Dec

Mon 4th Jan

Spring Half Term 2021

Fri 12th Feb

Mon 22nd Feb

Easter 2021

Thurs 1st April

Mon 19th April

May Day 2021

Fri 30th April

Tue 4th May

Summer Half Term 2021

Fri 28th May

Mon 7th June

Summer 2021

(In-service Training Mon 19th, Tues 20th & Weds 21st July)

Fri 16th July

Date of Closing
Date of Re-Opening
Summer 2021

(In-service Training Weds 1st September)

Fri 16th July

Thurs 2nd Sept

Autumn Half Term 2021

(In-service Training Fri 22nd October)

Thurs 21st Oct

Mon 1st Nov

Christmas 2021-22

Fri 17th Dec

Tues 4th Jan

Spring Half Term 2022

Fri 18th Feb

Mon 28th Feb

Easter 2022

Fri 1st April

Tues 19th April

May Day 2022

Fri 29th April

Tues 3rd May

Summer Half Term 2022

(In-service Training Fri 27th May)

Thurs 26th May

Mon 6th June

Summer 2022

(In-service Training Mon 25th, Tues 26th)

Fri 22nd July

The above calendars are accurate at the time of writing. Please note that very occasionally it is necessary to amend the proposed dates of In-service Training (INSET) in order to accommodate training opportunities. Should this occur then we will always endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.