Jenni Chadwick

I am in my 19th year of teaching and although it is very demanding at times, I love it, and wouldn’t do anything else. Every day is different and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of so many children’s lives and making a positive impact.

EYFS is my passion and I enjoy the transition into school, meeting the children in their preschool or private nursery and then how during one academic year they change so much. We see their personalities blossom and bloom and we also get to see them learning to read and write. Seeing a child learn these key skills is priceless.

In my role as SENDCo I get to support children and families across the whole of the school. This is again a role which can be very demanding and challenging at times, but also incredibly rewarding. Being a champion for these children is vital and ensuring that they have the best educational opportunities and that their needs are met.

Outside of school I am a wife to Mr Chadwick and a mum to three girls. I enjoy a range of outdoor activities which includes running, paddle boarding, walks or runs in the forest and wild swimming.  Family time is very important to me and as my children are getting older I am able to enjoy some of my hobbies with them.