Olivia Corker

Hello, my name is Miss Corker and I am your Teacher in Year 6.

The most important things in my life are God, family and friends, music and nature. I love spending time with God and find peace when I am walking in the countryside. I am a friendly, bubbly person and enjoy eating, laughing and chatting with my friends and family.

In my spare time I enjoy singing, playing the piano and guitar and have just started to learn the violin. I regularly play in the worship band at my church and also enjoy playing for various events and weddings. I love being able to share this in Collective Worship and the Choir.

My favourite food: POTATOES (IN EVERY FORM! Chips… crisps… mash… roasties… jacket…the list is endless!)

My favourite colour: Mint Green

My favourite book is: The Bible!

My favourite place to visit: Conwy

People who are special to me: My boyfriend James, my parents, brother and wider Family.

If I am feeling sad I like: Spending time with God. Worshipping and playing piano and guitar.

What people say about me: I am friendly, bubbly, hardworking, musical, kind and enthusiastic!

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